Mr Mbulawa Mugabe, Director, Country Impact and Sustainability, UNAIDS

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Mr Mbulawa Mugabe, Director, Country Impact and Sustainability, UNAIDS

Mbulawa Mugabe leads the department responsible for supporting scaling up of impactful and sustainable national AIDS responses through high-level country policy and advocacy, strategic programme guidance, partner coordination, alignment and harmonization of resources and technical support.

Mr Mugabe joined UNAIDS in 2002 as the first UNAIDS Country Coordinator for South Africa where he served until 2008. He moved to the UNAIDS Regional Support Team for Eastern and Southern Africa in 2009 and was appointed Deputy Regional Director in 2010. His work was instrumental in keeping AIDS on the political, health and development agenda in countries in the region most affected by the AIDS epidemic.

Prior to joining UNAIDS, Mr Mugabe worked with UNICEF as head of the health programme in Botswana and head of the HIV unit in Uganda. During his service at UNICEF he helped to pioneer the implementation of the prevention of mother-to-child transmission programme in Botswana in 1999.

Previously, Mr Mugabe worked at the University of Botswana National Institute of Research as a senior research fellow. He served in various capacities in the health sector in Botswana and the Southern Africa region, including as a chair of the Botswana National AIDS Committee – the forerunner to the National AIDS Council. He was a founding member of the EQUINET network.

Mr Mugabe, a national of Botswana, has an MSc and a PhD in Medical Sociology from the University of London. He is the author of several academic articles and co-author of three books. In 1997 he became the first recipient of the Goran Starky Award for Child Health at the Institute of Child Health, Kareliska University in Sweden.