Poland: Highlighting HIV and the family

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Poland: Highlighting HIV and the family

04 December 2007


HIV was a major focus at this year’s World Family Summit, which took place in Warsaw, Poland, from November 26-29. While AIDS had been discussed at previous Summits, for the first time, the impact of HIV on families was incorporated into the declaration that resulted from the conference.

UNAIDS Deputy Executive Director Deborah Landey participated in the Summit, giving the opening speech to a plenary session dedicated to HIV. In her remarks, she stressed the importance of addressing HIV in the context of families, noting that “today, more than 33 million people are infected with HIV. But their infection impacts on the lives of tens of millions more – the families, partners and friends who end up, effectively, living with HIV themselves.”

While in Warsaw, Deborah Landey also gave a welcome speech to the 14th Polish AIDS Conference, commending Poland for its response to HIV and recognizing the need for continued action. While in the country, she also met with a number of leaders in Poland’s national AIDS response.


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