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Journal of Internal Medicine: Review article by L. O. Kallings

21 February 2008

Professor Lars O. Kallings is also UN Special Envoy for AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

The March issue of the Journal of Internal Medicine published today features a review article by Professor Lars O. Kallings entitled “The first postmodern pandemic: 25 years of HIV/ AIDS”. 

In the 26-page article Professor Kallings gives a biomedical overview of AIDS looking into the characteristics of AIDS and the scientific search for preventative technologies. He traces the changing epidemiology of HIV from its earliest reports to today’s incidence and distribution in different regions of the globe. The varied social and political aspects of AIDS and the global response to it are also examined.

The review explores disinformation and misconceptions around the issue of AIDS and discusses prospects of finding a cure and other future scenarios.

Professor Lars O. Kallings was appointed UN Special Envoy for AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia by the UN Secretary-General in May 2003.

Engaged in the AIDS response for over 20 years, he has held positions including adviser to the World Health Organization, Chairman of the Global Commission on AIDS and Senior Adviser to the Global Programme on AIDS on Scientific and Policy Affairs. He is currently honorary Chairman of AIDS Accountability International. He is Founding President of the International AIDS Society (IAS) and was its Secretary-General 1994–2002.

Professor Kallings wrote this review as an independent scientist and its content does not necessarily represent the views of the UN or any organization to which the author is, or has been, affiliated.

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The first postmodern pandemic: 25 years of HIV/ AIDS - L. O. Kallings (2008)
Journal of Internal Medicine, Volume 263 Issue 3 Page 218-243, March 2008