HIV positive leaders meet in Monaco

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HIV positive leaders meet in Monaco

25 January 2008

UNAIDS Special Representative Her
Serene Highness Princess Stephanie of
Monaco during the opening of the HIV+
Monaco meeting that takes place from
24-26 January in Monaco.
Photo credit: UNAIDS/G.Luci

UNAIDS Special Representative Her Serene Highness Princess Stephanie of Monaco has convened a meeting of HIV positive leaders in her home town of Monaco. The meeting, entitled ‘HIV+ Monaco’ which is taking place from 24-26 January has been organized in collaboration with The Government of Monaco, UNAIDS, Fight AIDS Monaco and The Living with HIV Partnership.

Key leaders from networks of people living with HIV met to reflect on how they can improve knowledge and information exchange on key issues, as well as improve collaboration among groups of people living with HIV at country, regional and global levels.

"The HIV+ Monaco Conference is an important opportunity for people living with HIV to develop their advocacy agenda," said Kate Thomson, UNAIDS' Acting Chief of Civil Society Partnerships. "The meeting will be critical in ensuring that the voices of women and men from all over the world have the possibility to shape the advocacy agenda as an essential component of the global AIDS response."

The outcomes of the conference will then feed into the International ‘Living with HIV Leadership Summit’ due to take place in Mexico on 31 July to 1 August 2008 (LIVING 2008) ahead of the 2008 International AIDS Conference. “We are proud that the HIV+ Monaco Conference offers HIV positive leaders the opportunity to meet and discuss key issues affecting their lives in preparation for the Mexico Summit,” said UNAIDS Special Representative HSH Princess Stephanie of Monaco.

The HIV+ Monaco meeting will be followed by a 6-month global e-consultation to further develop thinking around issues which have been identified and gather evidence of best practice and lessons learnt for discussion at LIVING 2008.

"The road to LIVING 2008: Positive Leadership Summit begins in Monaco," said Kevin Moody from the Global Network of People living with HIV (GNP+) representing the LIVING with HIV Partnership. "The participants at the HIV+ Monaco Conference are leaders with years of experience who are committed to improving and coordinating their advocacy work through an extended consultative process that will reignite the passion within the people living with HIV movement by setting the advocacy agenda for the next couple of years."