New UNAIDS OUTLOOK report 2010 launched

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New UNAIDS OUTLOOK report 2010 launched

13 July 2010


Ahead of the XVIII International AIDS Conference to be held in Vienna from 18 – 23 July, UNAIDS has launched its OUTLOOK Report 2010 in Geneva.

Key findings:

The new UNAIDS Outlook report outlines a radically simplified HIV treatment platform called Treatment 2.0 that could decrease the number of AIDS-related deaths drastically and could also greatly reduce the number of new HIV infections. Evidence shows that new HIV infections among young people, in the 15 countries most affected by HIV, are dropping significantly as young people embrace safer sexual behaviours.

Also in the report, a sweeping new UNAIDS and Zogby International public opinion poll shows that nearly 30 years into the AIDS epidemic, region by region, countries continue to rank AIDS high on the list of the most important issues facing the world.

And an economic analysis makes the case for making health a necessity, not a luxury, outlining the critical need for donor countries to sustain AIDS investments and calling on richer developing countries to invest more in HIV and health.
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Treatment 2.0 - Is this the future of treatment?

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Young people are leading the HIV prevention revolution

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Making sense of the money + Where does the money for AIDS go?

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The Benchmark - What the world thinks about the AIDS response

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OUTLOOK micro site:
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