UNAIDS staff ‘stand up and speak out’ on International Poverty Day

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UNAIDS staff ‘stand up and speak out’ on International Poverty Day

19 octobre 2007

On International Poverty Day (17 October 2007), UNAIDS Secretariat staff in Geneva joined the STAND UP and SPEAK OUT events taking place across the globe, calling for leaders to take action against poverty and inequality and to achieve and exceed the Millennium Development Goals.


Expressing themselves through written messages on a billboard, UNAIDS staff underlined the critical need to scale up the response to AIDS in the drive to reach the Millennium Development Goals.


As part of the messages, UNAIDS Executive Director, Dr Peter Piot called for everyone to "Act everyday against poverty".


In her message, Deputy-Executive Director Deborah Landey urged the world to "Fight AIDS, end poverty".


UNAIDS staff added their messages to the STAND UP and SPEAK OUT billboard



The STAND UP and SPEAK OUT initiative aims at making governments honor their commitments on more and better aid, debt cancellation, trade justice, gender equality and public accountability by showing them that more and more people are taking a stand.

Photo credits: UNAIDS