Stay up-to-date on UNAIDS' activities through Facebook and Twitter to access news and share with friends, and sign up to AIDSspace.org to connect with the global AIDS community.


The web is bursting its virtual seams with 'social media'—the term alone has over 50 million entries on Google. UNAIDS, too, has gone social with the creation of accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr and Slideshare. Through these platforms, it is now easier than ever to engage with UNAIDS to help shape the future of the AIDS response.

On AIDSspace.org, the UNAIDS-supported social network for the global AIDS community, people living with HIV and individuals and organizations working on the response can connect to exchange ideas and resources, start discussion forums, and post reports, news and job opportunities.

"Interaction on social media leads to something. If you ask someone to contribute and they do—by signing a petition or retweeting a message—we can't let those people down. We have to show results. They believe in it and so do we. Every contribution matters."
– Rupert Daniels, Head of Content, 1 Goal campaign.

UNAIDS will launch a blog ahead of the Vienna International AIDS Conference providing daily updates on the conference and viewpoints from the UNAIDS Executive Director and other leaders and activists attending the conference.

Connect with UNAIDS today through your preferred platform or send an email to socialmedia@unaids.org to learn more about UNAIDS and social media.