The Pitch

Take a closer look at three agencies' ideas of what an international campaign on HIV-related restrictions on entry, stay and residence could be like.


"Moving Brands" idea to
campaign against HIV-related
travel restrictions

OUTLOOK approached three leading branding and communication agencies to get their creative energy on helping communicate the issue of HIV-related travel restrictions.

OUTLOOK worked with Leo Burnett India, Moving Brands, and Young & Rubicam Brands to review the issue to help them prepare a proposal (or 'pitch'). What followed were their interpretations of how best to attract attention on travel restrictions.

Each agency took a unique approach to communicating the issue through different media—from the web and print to street art. They provided their time and creative energy in kind and in support of global efforts to remove all HIV-related travel restrictions.

OUTLOOK encourages organizations inspired by the agencies to connect with them to take the ideas further, and ultimately help generate greater awareness around the issue.