C4 Pedro, Национальный посол доброй воли ЮНЭЙДС

Pedro Lisboa Santos, commonly known by his stage name C4 Pedro, is a dynamic Angolan artist, performer, composer, and producer.

His stage name (C4 Pedro) derives from cry for people, in the case, Peter. He started his music career with his brother Lil Sain’t in Belgium, where he lived for 10 years. After returning to Angola in 2009, he released his first debut album entitled “Lágrimas – Um Só Povo Uma Só Nação” (or “Tears – One People One Nation”).

His second album Calor e Frio (Heat and Cold), published last year made C4 Pedro one of the biggest names in the Angolan music industry, with several successful hits playing in the streets and millions of viewers on social media.

C4 Pedro is the most followed Angolan artist on Instagram and has over 50,000 fans on Facebook reaching up to 5 million people per month. Recently, his video Bo Tem Mel has reached the milestone of 1 million views in just three months, becoming the second Angolan artist to achieve such a mark surpassed only by Anselmo Ralph. The single Casamento (“Marriage”) another successful hit of the singer reached a staggering 800,000 views.

C4 Pedro has been nominated for several awards such as Top Radio Luanda, as best male interpreter, has won “ballad of the year”, has been nominated twice to the Top dos Mais Queridos, and currently competes for the Angola Music Awards in the categories of Best Kizomba, and song of the year with Casamento.