Roger Salla Ntounga, Директор Департамента управления людскими ресурсами ЮНЭЙДС

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Roger Salla Ntounga, Директор Департамента управления людскими ресурсами ЮНЭЙДС

Roger Salla Ntounga leads and coordinates the work of the Human Resources Management Department. He ensures optimal operational management within the department as well as providing strategic advice and guidance to senior management.

Dr Salla Ntounga joined UNAIDS in 1998 and has served as the UNAIDS Country Coordinator for Ethiopia, where he was also UNAIDS representative to the African Union and the Economic Commission for Africa.

At UNAIDS Secretariat headquarters in Geneva, Dr Salla Ntounga’s experience has included Director a.i. of the Executive Office; Team Leader, Geographic Liaison and Country Programming Unit and Deputy Associate Director, Africa Division. Most recently he held the position of Chief, Ethics and Change Management, responsibilities for which he retains in his role as Director of Human Resources Management.

Dr Salla Ntounga has extensive programmatic and managerial experience at national, regional and global levels. Prior to  joining UNAIDS, Dr Salla Ntounga worked with the national Cameroon AIDS Commission as Programme Manager and as Team Leader with the German Government’s Regional AIDS Programme for West and Central Africa.

Dr Salla Ntounga is a medical doctor with a degree from the University of Saint-Etienne, France, and a Master of Science degree in Community Health and Health Management Planning from the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

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