Разъяснение методологии

30 августа 2007 года.

Разъяснение методологии


Знание состояния эпидемии и мониторинг программных ответных мер очень важны для понимания направления развития эпидемии и того, достигают ли программы желаемого результата. Для того чтобы «знать свою эпидемию», ЮНЭЙДС рекомендует использовать методологии, инструменты и программное обеспечение, которые регулярно пересматриваются и адаптируются с учетом развивающихся эпидемий и меняющихся потребностей.needs.

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Improving national and regional estimates


Between March and June 2007, national epidemiologists, analysts and heads of AIDS programmes from 124 countries have taken part in specialist UNAIDS training to improve and refine country HIV estimates.

Eleven regional training workshops have been conducted around the world to bring epidemiologists up to date with the latest developments in estimates tools and software packages including updated assumptions based on new evidence from research and added new features.

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Results of recent population-based surveys


By mid 2007 a total of 26 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, two in the Caribbean and two in Asia had conducted nationally representative population-based surveys with HIV prevalence measurement. The results from these surveys are helping UNAIDS and goverments to refine and update AIDS estimates as new information becomes available.

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2.5 million people living with HIV in India


As part of its continuous efforts to know its epidemic better, India’s National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO), supported by UNAIDS and WHO, have used improved data from more sources and revised the methodology used to analyse this new data to get a better understanding of the AIDS epidemic in India.

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UNAIDS and Indian business giant to link up for AIDS

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