Call for submissions Global Health Governance: Special Issue on “Governance and the AIDS Response”

01 March 2010

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Global health Governance: The Scholarly Journal for the New Health Security Paradigm

The next issue of Global Health Governance will focus on Global Health Governance and the AIDS Response. Michel Sidibé, Executive Director of the United Nations Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and Kent Buse, Senior Policy Advisor to the Executive Director, will serve as guest editors for this issue.

This special issue will explore the contributions of the global AIDS response over the last 30 years to innovations in governance principles, paradigms, and practice. It will outline present challenges, opportunities and future directions for improving both the global governance of the AIDS response and governance approaches to human development, security and dignity more generally. AIDS governance at global, national and community levels has not only transformed the nature of health systems governance, but also shed light on a number of socio-political issues with significant implications for human development. The editors seek a balance of theoretical/conceptual and empirical pieces from a wide variety of disciplinary perspectives including public health, political science and international relations, international law, philosophy, history, anthropology, business and public administration to better understand and improve this exciting area of practice and enquiry.

The focus of manuscripts must be on the governance of the AIDS response and/or lessons it offers for Global Health Governance. The range of possible article topics is vast and may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Enhancing effectiveness and legitimacy of global governance mechanisms and institutions;
  • Systems for inclusive policy-making as well as the engagement of civil society and the private sector in planning, accountability, oversight of national responses;
  • Innovations, successes, failures and potential of transparency/accountability mechanisms—including within the multilateral system;
  • Process of establishing/validating/disseminating/enforcing novel global norms—particularly concerning sexual and human rights, punitive laws, inclusive policy making, accountability, ethical trials, access; gender;
  • Country institutions for governing national responses, such as NACs and CCMs;
  • Tensions between concepts of national ownership and global cosmopolitan citizenship and social justice;
  • Cross-border civil society interest group formation for policy change and supranational citizenship building;
  • Politics of punitive laws—and the role of civil action, networks, partnerships in their repeal;
  • Framing and discourse in relation to global priority setting;
  • Innovations in communication technologies for global governance;
  • AIDS in the context of global and national security as well as global solidarity and justice;
  • Lessons from the AIDS response for realizing the right to health through development of novel norms and enforcement processes concerning universal access;
  • Role of AIDS activists/networks in development of intellectual property rights discourse/regimes and practice and implications for access to essential health commodities;
  • The politics of innovative financing and resource allocation;
  • Governance implications of taking the AIDS response out of relative isolation and linking to other efforts to achieve the MDGs;
  • Lessons from AIDS partnerships: governance, ethics, politics, public-private interplay.

In addition to academic papers, the Guest Editors will solicit commentaries from thought leaders on topical issues and future directions of global health governance.

Authors should alert the journal of their intention to submit a manuscript, including the proposed title of the paper, the names of the author(s) and an abstract of no more than 250 words no later than 15 March 2010. The abstract should include the research question(s), methods, findings, main argument and implications. The letter should be submitted to Sonja Tanaka, tanakas@unaids.org. The deadline for submissions is 15 June 2010. The provisional date of publication is October 2010.


  • February 15th—Call for Proposals
  • March 15th—Deadline for submissions of Abstracts
  • June 15th—Deadline for submission of Manuscripts
  • August 10th—Accept/Reject decisions communicated to authors
  • September 10th—Deadline for submission of revised Manuscripts
  • October—Provisional publication of 2010 Fall issue

There are no submission fees.

More information about the Journal can be found at the Journal web site.

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Sonja Tanaka
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