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Ensuring continuity of HIV combination prevention for people who use drugs in Algeria

30 April 2020

UNAIDS and UNODC are ensuring that people who use drugs in Algeria continue to be reached with HIV prevention and testing services amidst the coronavirus crisis.

With technical and financial support from UNAIDS and UNODC, the Ministry of Health together with 3 civil society organizations (AIDS Algerie, ANISS and APCS) are providing HIV prevention services to 908 people who use drugs in 3 sites of the country.

As part of the initiative, eighteen community health workers have received telephone cards, sanitizers, masks, and gloves to be able to safely provide HIV prevention and testing services as well as information about the COVID-19. The community health workers go twice a week to the NGOs premises to pick up the prevention materials. Then, they coordinate the provision of services and fix appointments by phone with the people who use drugs near their residences so they can provide them with HIV prevention services such as information materials, clean syringes, and condoms.