Benedict (Ben) Phillips, Director of Communications

Benedict (Ben) Phillips is the Director of Communications at UNAIDS since 2022.

A national of the United Kingdom, Ben is the author of How to Fight Inequality, and has been Campaigns and Policy Director at ActionAid and at Oxfam.

He has led programmes and campaigns teams in Save the Children, the Children's Society, the Global Call to Action Against Poverty and the Global Campaign for Education. He co-founded the Fight Inequality Alliance.

He has been the Hewlett Fellow of Public Policy at the Kellogg Institute at Notre Dame, the Resident Fellow on inequality at the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center and is a Bosch Foundation Richard von Weizsäcker Fellow.

He has lived and worked in four continents and over a dozen cities. He began his development work at the grassroots, as a teacher and ANC activist living in Mamelodi township, South Africa, in 1994, just after the end of apartheid.