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Senior consultant - Innovative Finance and Resource Mobilization


The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to enter into a contractual agreement with a successful bidder and select a suitable contractor for 12 months to provide support to the Resource Mobilization Division (RMO) in:

  1. Liaising in cooperation with RMO, with the partners involved in the initiatives providing specific technical inputs and connect with relevant UNAIDS technical contacts in HQ, regional and country offices;
  2. Initiating new fundraising partnerships, particularly in collaboration with the financial sector, to increase funding for UNAIDS;
  3. Participating in meetings in the above initiatives and other activities related to innovative finance;
  4. Providing managerial coordination of on-going work, including financial, legal and administrative work related to the initiatives;
  5. Providing inputs and supervising any other outputs and needs related to current and future partnerships with private and philanthropic sector, as relevant.

For all details of requirements please refer to the Request for Proposal document attached to this notice.

RFP Reference: RFP-2014-13

Closing Date: Mon, 21 July 2014


Email for submissions of all queries: Bids@unaids.org
Subject: RFP-2014-13


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