Global update on HIV treatment 2013: results, impact and opportunities - June 2013 - WHO report in partnership with UNICEF and UNAIDS

Current trends in the global scaling up of ART give great cause for optimism. HIV testing and ART delivery for treatment and for PMTCT are increasing in most countries and regions with a high burden of HIV infection. The global target of reaching 15 million people with ART by 2015 appears to be attainable. Significant improvement is still needed, however, in some regions and countries and for some key populations that are at high risk of HIV infection. As the analysis of the treatment cascade in the previous chapter shows, certain critical steps in the care pathway need to be reinforced to ensure that the maximum number of people benefit from timely HIV treatment and care interventions. Nevertheless, the past decade has shown that enormous progress can be achieved with sufficient political commitment, funding, technical innovation and community mobilization. Clinical and implementation science continues to devise new tools and methods to support the further scaling up of testing and treatment.

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