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Joint "Three Ones" visit to Kenya and Uganda, January 2005

19 January 2005

From 16–19 January 2005, UNAIDS Executive Director Dr Peter Piot, joined high-level representatives from DFID, Norway and the World Bank on a visit to Kenya and Uganda to discuss with a range of government, donor and civil society representatives, the progress made in harmonizing and strengthening the national response to AIDS and to gain a better understanding of the key issues for the future. One of the main themes of the discussions was how Kenya and Uganda are putting the internationally endorsed "Three Ones" principles (one agreed AIDS action framework; one national AIDS coordinating authority; and one agreed country-level monitoring and evaluation system) into practice and how partners are working together to take this forward. During the trip, the delegation had the opportunity to visit community-based projects, such as the programme run by the Kenya Network of Women Living with HIV/AIDS (KENWA), which currently provides food and counselling to around 1400 children affected by AIDS in and around the slums of Nairobi, and the "Reach Out" community AIDS programme in Uganda. They also held discussions with the 'People Living with HIV/AIDS Forum' during their visit to Uganda.