Together against TB and HIV

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Together against TB and HIV

23 March 2007


TB ANYWHERE IS TB EVERYWHERE is the theme of this year’s World TB Day. UNAIDS, WHO and the Stop TB Partnership have come together this World TB Day to highlight their commitment to working together in scaling-up TB and HIV programmes and call for increased action on the two diseases.

Statements on World TB Day



HIV/TB features in World TB Day events

Events linked to World TB Day in Ghana and Malawi highlight the importance of greater collaboration between the HIV and TB communities in order to reduce the burden of these leading causes of death.

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Global tuberculosis control

Launch of the 2007 Global Tuberculosis Control Report

At the launch of the WHO Global Tuberculosis Control Report, UNAIDS Executive Director highlighted the need for TB and HIV communities to scale up collaboration if the goal of universal access is to be achieved. The report, released by WHO, indicates that the worldwide TB epidemic has levelled off for the first time since it was declared a public health emergency in 1993. But despite these signs that the epidemic may be slowing, there are still major impediments to rapid progress against TB - prominent among them being the lack of investment, uneven access to diagnosis and treatment within countries, the emergence of XDR-TB, the inextricable links between HIV and TB and the ageing population.

Global Tuberculosis Control Report
Photo Gallery - Press launch of report 


Photo credit:StopTB/T.Falise


Tuberculosis is both preventable and curable, so why today is TB still a global emergency? On World TB Day this year experts around the world will be debating this issue and looking into the reasons behind the chronic lack of investment in TB programmes and research.Also on the agenda this year will be the discovery of a strain of TB that is resistant to almost all drugs (extensively drug resistant TB – XDR TB); the deadly synergy between HIV and TB; and the ageing global population––all of which are jeopardizing the ability of TB control programmes around the world to cope.

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Photo credit: WHO

Joining forces to tackle TB and HIV 

TB is one of the biggest killers of people living with HIV and at least one third of the 39.5 million people estimated to be living with HIV around the world are likely to be infected with the TB bacteria. As a result of chronically poor investment in global TB control a new strain of TB is emerging that has become resistant to most of the available anti-tuberculosis drugs. Known as extensively drug resistant TB (XDR TB) this strain has serious implications for people living with HIV as it is almost untreatable in many of the countries where it is occurring leading to very high death rates. WHO and UNAIDS, together with other actors working on TB and HIV issues are stepping up action to stop the spread of TB and this deadly new strain. 

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Jorge Sampaio, UN Secretary General's
Special Envoy to Stop TB

UNAIDS interviews UN Special Envoy to Stop TB

UNAIDS asks the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy to Stop TB and former President of Portugal, Dr Jorge Sampaio about his involvement in the fight against TB, its links with HIV and what he sees are the top priorities for HIV/TB collaboration in the future.  

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