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18th PCB Meeting, June 2006

Th 18th Meeting of the Programme Coordinating Board. Geneva, Switzerland 27-28 June 2006

  • Final PCB decisions, recommendations and conclusions (en | fr
  • Annotated Agenda (enfr
  • Timewise Agenda (enfr
  • Report of the Seventeenth Meeting of the UNAIDS PCB (en | fr)
  • Report of the Executive Director: (enfr
  • Report by the Chairperson of the Committee of Cosponsoring Organizations: (enfr
  • Report by the NGO representative: (enfr
  • Outcomes of the High Level Meeting 2006 - moving the global response forward: (enfr
  • Effectiveness of multilateral action on AIDS: (enfr)
  • Unified Budget and Workplan: Funding UNAIDS’ role in the multilateral response: (enfr
  • Annex I, 2006-2007 Unified Budget and Workplan, Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Framework: (en | fr
  • Annex II, 2006-2007 Unified Budget and Workplan, Proposed Realignment: (enfr
  • Annex II, Addendum: (enfr
  • Governance of UNAIDS: review of the functioning of the PCB Bureau: (en | fr
  • Financial report and audited financial statements for the financial period 1 January 2004 to 31 December 2005 and Report of the external auditor: (enfr
  • Interim financial management information for the 2006-2007 biennium and financial update as at 30 April 2006: (en | fr
  • Information for participants: (enfr
  • Invitation: (en | fr
  • Registration form: (en+fr)