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Assessment of Experience with Innovative Financing Mechanisms for Health and Development and their Potential for Financing of HIV


The purpose of the work proposed in these terms of reference is to:

  1. Review and assess the experience with the implementation for development of innovative financing mechanisms at both global and country level, including those listed in section below but also others as appropriate, including their applicability for raising HIV resources.
  2. Provide an initial assessment of the revenue that has been (or might be) raised in these ways.
  3. Review, to the extent possible, the potential for adoption of these mechanisms globally and by key countries
  4. Propose mechanisms whereby any proceeds might be earmarked for use in HIV programmes in low and middle-income countries.

The specific objective is to write a report that can form a guide for advocacy and policy development by the UNAIDS Executive Director.

RFP Reference: RFP-2011-36

Closing Date: Mon, 5 September 2011

Award Information: Awarded to Oxford Policy Management Limited, U.K. for USD 41,450


Email for submissions of all queries: Bids@unaids.org
Subject: RFP-2011-36 Inquiries


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