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Expression of Interest for Photography and video production services


The responsibilities of the Communications and Global Advocacy department within UNAIDS includes effectively positioning UNAIDS and our issues with key audiences, and to create, manage and share knowledge with partners and potential partners in the AIDS response.

This Expression of Interest (EOI) is published to identify individuals or organizations interested in submitting their offers to a Request for proposals exercise.

The future contract would cover multiple assignments during the contractual period, where each assignment is expected to be delivered between two to five days from the date it is requested with frequent prioritized interactions and usually a fixed deadline, defined by the nature of the task, agreed to at the beginning of each assignment.

UNAIDS has estimated a potential volume of work of about 42 two-working days assignments per annum for photography services and 29 two-day assignments each per annum for video production services during the contractual period.

Following the results of the EOI, a Request for Proposals will be published with refined terms of reference (TOR) based on feedback received in the EOI. Participation in the EOI does not guarantee been eligible for participating in the RFP nor it eliminates other potential bidders from participating in the RFP, however it allows UNAIDS to establish a contact for communicating the launch of the RFP and assess the geographic coverage of interested suppliers.

Please consult the document below for all details. UNAIDS has provided a response document published below to submit your expression of interest.


RFP Reference: EOI-2014-02

Closing Date: Fri, 31 January 2014


Email for submissions of all Inquiries: Bids@unaids.org
Subject: RFP-2013-31

Request for Expression of Interest

Response to the request for expression of Interest

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