HIV/AIDS and communication for behavioural and social change : programme experiences, examples, and the way forward. International workshop, Geneva, Switzerland, July 25 to 27, 2000

This publication summarizes a three-day workshop on “Communication for Behaviour and Social Change: Programme Experiences, Examples and the Way Forward”, held in Geneva, Switzerland, 25-27 July 2000. It documents the workshop’s objectives (such as mapping out strategies for implementing communication programmes for behavioural and social changes) and its activities. The report also examines the role of communication in the implementation of the various UNAIDS priority areas, including young people’s right to know about HIV/AIDS; the UNAIDS communication framework, which calls for refocusing communication interventions on the basis of five contextual domains (government policy, socioeconomic status, culture, gender relations and spirituality); the steps towards making the communication framework operational; and workshop recommendations.

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