Appels d'offres de l'ONUSIDA

Packing and distribution UNAIDS publications: AIDS at 30 – hard and soft cover, Outlook 30 and Getting to Zero


UNAIDS has recently produced the following documents:

  • AIDS at 30 – hard and soft cover
  • Outlook 30
  • Getting to Zero

As part of its effort to reach major number of stakeholders it needs to pack and distribute copies of the document to locations around the world.

The package to distribute will consist of one or more copies of the above listed documents.

The purpose of this ITB is to contract the packing and distribution of these shipments to different locations around the world.

RFP Reference: ITB-2011-29

Closing Date: Tue, 26 July 2011

Reason for revision: Awarded to Marston Book Services Ltd. from the United Kingdom for a maximum amount of GBP 69,827.53


Subject: ITB-2011-29


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