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Fund Management Agent of the Robert Carr Civil Society Networks Fund


The purpose of this Request for Proposals is to select a suitable organization to act as Fund Management Agent (FMA) to provide robust grant, programme and financial management expertise to the newly formed Robert Carr Civil Society Networks Fund (RC-NF). The process seeks to determine which applicants possess the capacities and experience required to manage the RC-NF.

UNAIDS is undertaking responsibility for this selection process on behalf of, and in collaboration with, the Working Group responsible for the creation of this fund.

The FMA will report to the RC-NF International Steering Committee (ISC), which will be formed by June 2012 and will consist of donor and civil society representatives. The FMA will enter into contractual agreements with the various donors to the Fund. Initial donors potentially include DFID, the Gates Foundation, Norway and the US. Funds from the US will be channeled via UNAIDS.

For more information on the Robert Carr Civil Society Networks Fund proposed governance structure, full terms of reference for the FMA and Results Framework please see annexes I, II and III. For more information about UNAIDS please consult our website

RFP Reference: RFP-2012-07

Closing Date: Thu, 10 May 2012

Award Information: AIDS Fonds, Netherlands has been selected and recommended to the working group for a total amount of EUR 933,000 for the 3 years contracts


Email for submission of all queries:
Email Subject: RFP-2012-07 Inquiry


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