Appels d'offres de l'ONUSIDA

Management of Technical Support Facilities in 3 UNAIDS regions


UNAIDS is preparing to launch a Request for Proposal (RFP) in July 2013 for the continued management of the Technical Support Facilities for 1) Eastern and Southern Africa; 2) West and Central Africa; and 3) Asia Pacific.

The purpose of this Expression of Interest (EOI) is to identify suppliers, including individual organizations/companies as well as potential consortia who may be interested in submitting a proposal in response to the RFP.

The TSFs provide technical support and capacity development services to countries in Africa and Asia to help strengthen the delivery of national AIDS programs.

RFP Reference: EOI-2013-11

Closing Date: Wed, 19 June 2013


Email for all inquiries:
Subject: EOI-2013-11


Call for Expression of Interest