Архив КСП

21st PCB Meeting, December 2007

The 21st Meeting of the Programme Coordinating Board. Geneva, Switzerland 17-18 December 2007

  • Final Decisions, Recommendations and Conclusions (en | fr)
  • Annotated agenda (enfr
  • Report of the twentieth meeting of the UNAIDS PCB (en | fr
  • UNAIDS Executive Director's speech  (en | fr
  • Independant evaluation of UNAIDS (en | fr
  • Contribution of Africa group to the independent evaluation of UNAIDS - CRP (en)
  • Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Framework  (en | fr)
  • Comments on Performance Monitoring and Evaluation - CRP  (en)
  • UNAIDS collaboration with The Global Fund (en | fr)
  • Issues related to future PCB meetings (en | fr)
  • PCB meetings in 2008 (en | fr)
  • List of partipants (en+fr)
  • Invitation (en | fr)
  • Information for participants (en | fr)
  • Registration form (en+fr)

Additional documents related to the Second Independent Evaluation of UNAIDS
  • Introductory letter to Member States (en
  • Introductory letter to Civil Society (en
  • Questionnaire (en)
  • Presentation given at the briefing for Permanent Missions of 25 october 2007  (en)