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Drafting the 34 PCB Background Paper on Thematic Session on “Addressing social and economic drivers of HIV through social protection”


The 33rd UNAIDS Program Co-ordinating Board (PCB) meeting agreed that the themes for the 34th and 35th meetings be respectively Addressing social and economic drivers of HIV through social protection and Halving HIV infections among people who inject drugs. The discussions on the social economic drivers of HIV offer two major opportunities. It comes before the Post 2015 discussions of the September 2014 68th UN General Assembly meeting. Effective positioning of HIV in September meeting is critical. Consolidating the relationship between the end of AIDS and end of poverty discussions is another critical opportunity presented by the 34th PCB meeting.

The final delivery of the consultancy is the draft background paper for the 34 PCB thematic session. The draft background document should be technically sound drawing on leading literature, country experiences, pushing the frontiers of understanding on the subject and leading to logical recommendations. It should reflect UNAIDS co -sponsors, member countries and civil society perspectives. It should also be politically supportable by articulating consensus and managing potential constituency disagreements on the topic.

Final draft must be presented in English.

Interested bidders can respond to this Request for Quotations following the instructions in the document attached to this notice.

RFP Reference: RFQ-2014-07

Closing Date: Fri, 4 April 2014


Email for submissions of all Inquiries: Bids@unaids.org
Subject: RFQ-2014-07

Request for Quotations and Instructions

Outline of the background paper