Make it Mother’s day every day

Your thoughts, time, influence, connections and investment will help women living with HIV ensure their children are born free from HIV.

Make it Mother’s Day every day. Terrific partner organizations around the world are working directly with pregnant women living with HIV to stay healthy through pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding and to ensure their children are born free of HIV.

Every day about 1000 babies are born with HIV because their mother’s didn’t have access to HIV treatment. There are amazing people and organizations working to ensure women living with HIV have access to information, support and the antiretroviral medicines they need to stay healthy and to keep from passing HIV to their children.

Find out more about our different partners and how you can support them:
CARITAS International
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
International Community of Women with HIV/AIDS

And if you would like to support UNAIDS in these efforts:
UNAIDS donate page