We can change the world together.

There is someone who works in my office on the “Believe it. Do it.” campaign and for the longest time she had a poster on her wall that said “Keep calm and carry on.” It was a good message—no matter what happens we can make it, head down and get on with it. But this year I noticed a change. Her new poster reads “Keep glam and rock on.” And I like this one much better. It’s bold, confident and hopeful—the same three messages we are going to need to reach an AIDS-free generation.

One of my first actions as Executive Director was to call for the end of new HIV infections among children by 2015. Bold? Yes. Achievable? Absolutely.

Momentum has moved countries to join this call. We now have a plan focusing on the 22 countries with the highest estimated numbers of women living with HIV, and world leaders have the confidence to make commitments to reach our shared goal.

This brings us to hope, the hope each one us can give a pregnant woman living with HIV, to help ensure she can give birth to a child without HIV.

As a father and grandfather, I know of no greater joy than to hold a healthy and happy baby in your arms. That is why I am counting on you to take three simple actions to help us end new HIV infections among children.

First, get the facts. Find out why some babies have a higher risk of being born with HIV and the steps we can take to lower this risk.

Second, share your knowledge. Start with a card—we have beautiful ones. Let’s get the message out through all our networks that children everywhere can be born free from HIV.

Third, consider supporting a mother. We work with some terrific organizations that are helping women living with HIV every day.

Finally, like the poster on the wall: if we are bold, confident and hopeful in our actions, surely we can change the world together.

Michel Sidibé