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COVID-19 lockdown in Wuhan: Community group delivers HIV medicine

08 June 2020

Once COVID-19 broke out in Wuhan, China’s Central Hubei Province, and the city went into strict lockdown, a group of volunteers acted swiftly to ensure people living with HIV had access to treatment.

Hui Hui is one of the volunteers with the Wuhan LGBT Center. He and others began shipping deliveries of treatment for people living with HIV who were stranded without access to their daily medicine.

But first they had to brave the checkpoints, go to the hospital with prescriptions and then pick up all the medicine. Once that was done, volunteers at the LGBT Center sorted through all the packs and shipped them out.

At the end of March, the center delivered treatment for nearly 3,000 people.

The Center also opened a hotline counselling service which has reached more than 5,000 people and counting.

UNAIDS helped financially and technically the Wuhan LGBT Center to deliver medicine to people living with HIV during the lockdown.