Established in 2005, UN Plus advocates for the rights and well-being of UN staff living with HIV within the UNAIDS Organization. It addresses key challenges such as health insurance, stigma, and restrictive travel policies.

In response to global changes and funding challenges, UN Plus faced a temporary inactive period. However, at the end of 2023, the organization launched a comprehensive global survey to gain insights into the evolving challenges faced by UN staff living with HIV, marking a fundamental step in revitalizing its mission.

UN Plus Relaunch:

In 2024, UN Plus officially relaunched its mission following the release of the survey report, highlighting key challenges faced by UN staff living with HIV, including stigma, mental health issues, insurance concerns, and overall well-being.


Mission and Objectives

‘Nothing about us, without us’

The UN Plus objectives are designed to address the significant challenges shared by UN Staff living with HIV through the survey as well as other sources:

  • Confidentiality Protection: Making sure that the privacy of UN staff living with HIV is protected.
  • Enhancing Mobility and Tackling Travel Restrictions: Advocating for the removal of barriers hindering the mobility of HIV-positive staff.
  • Ensuring Comprehensive and Non-Discriminatory Health Coverage: Striving for inclusive health insurance accessible to all UN staff members.
  • Supporting Mental Well-being: Providing assistance for mental health concerns through consultation and support services.
  • Fighting Stigma and Discrimination: Actively working against unfair treatment of people with HIV in the UN.
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Contact us

UN staff living with HIV who need consultation and have questions can reach out to Your information and identities will be kept confidential.

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