2025 AIDS Targets

Target-setting for 2025 and resource needs and impact estimation for 2020–2030

UNAIDS is leading a process for the development of updated HIV targets and estimates of the resources needed for the global AIDS response up to 2030. The outputs from the process will guide the global AIDS response from 2021 to 2030 by informing the decision-making of major global partners and national target-setting and strategic planning.

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Processes and timelines

The target-setting process was launched in mid-2018 and will last until mid-2021.

Technical inputs are being made through six consultative thematic groups on: testing and treatment; primary prevention; social enablers; costs and resources; integration; and longer-term technologies.

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Who we are

A steering committee of experts from various backgrounds provides oversight of the process. The members are:


  • Adele Benzaken
  • Paul De Lay


  • Quarraisha Abdool-Karim 
  • Carl Dieffenbach 
  • Yogan Pillay
  • Sani Aliyu 
  • Mark Dybul 
  • Jorge Saavedra
  • George Ayala 
  • Wafaa  El-Sadr
  • Omar Sayrif
  • Judy Chang 
  • Marelise Gorgens
  • Aditia Taslim
  • Michaela Clayton 
  • Catherine C. JOACHIM
  • Safietou Thiam
  • Aleny Couto 
  • Daniel Low-Beer
  • Lucy Wanjiku Njenga


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Meeting reports

V2 - C - Reports Page_2025_targets_reports

25 January 2021
12 October 2020
Virtual technical consultation for the 2021-2030 resource needs estimates (28 and 30 September 2020)
8 July 2020
Technical consultation on HIV integration with other health services (3-5 March 2020)
18 December 2019
Second meeting of the UNAIDS HIV Programme Impact Modelling Advisory Group (PIMAG) (November 2019)
26 September 2019
Second Face-to-Face Meeting of the Steering Committee (September 2019)
19 August 2019
Technical Consultation on PMTCT (July-August 2019): 3-part virtual consultation
30 June 2019
Technical Consultation on Social Enablers (June 2019)
27 March 2019
Technical consultation on primary prevention (March 2019)
15 December 2018
Technical Consultation on Testing and Treatment (December 2018)
15 November 2018
First meeting of the UNAIDS HIV Programme Impact Modelling Advisory Group (PIMAG) (November 2018)
15 October 2018
First Face-to-Face Meeting of the Steering Committee (October 2018)