Fully financing HIV response will save lives and produce social, economic and health gains

24 April 2023

Research and analysis by Economist Impact, conducted across 13 African countries, demonstrates that fully financing the HIV response will saves millions of lives and would produce substantial health, social and economic gains. Not only would there be between 40% and 90% fewer new HIV infections, depending on the country, but investing in the HIV epidemic would also enhance educational outcomes, especially for young women and girls, reduce gender inequalities and boost economic growth.UNAIDS estimates that low and middle-income countries will need investments of US$ 29 billion annually to meet targets of ending AIDS as a public health threat by 2030. Funding levels in 2020 fell almost 30% below targets, making subsequent resource needs harder to achieve and putting upcoming targets further out of reach. UNAIDS projects more than 7 million AIDS-related deaths by 2030, but half of those can be averted if the HIV response is fully financed and policies are rightly oriented. See report here: