Muleya Mwananyanda, Director, Influence and Partnerships

Muleya Mwananyanda is the Director, Influence and Partnerships, within the Policy, Advocacy and Knowledge Branch of UNAIDS.

A national of Zambia, Muleya has worked most recently as acting Regional Director for East and Southern Africa at Amnesty International where she spearheaded major human rights campaign projects and helped position Amnesty as a thought leader in intersectional human rights research and advocacy as well as helping the organization in developing its Equity, Diversity and Inclusion strategy.

Muleya has spent most of her career working on human rights issues including poverty, inequality, gender and unemployment and how they are compounded by intersectional factors. Muleya played a central role in the Global Campaign For Education's Guinness World Record breaking largest ever lesson and One Goal Campaign, worked as a human rights lawyer, served as a legal researcher at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and worked for Oxfam International as head of gender, peace and livelihoods in Africa. Previously Muleya also worked as a journalist.