4th PCB Meeting, April 1997

  • Provisional agenda item 6: report of the PCB Working Group on indicators and evaluation: status of the UNAIDS performance monitoring and evaluation plan (en | fr)
    This addendum to the main report, part of the ongoing work of the PCB Working Group on indicators and evaluation, presents a matrix of monitoring and evaluation tools.
  • Decisions, recommendations and conclusions  
    Conclusions of the fourth PCB meeting, that include continuing emphasis on further clarification of roles and responsibilities of the Cosponsors and UNAIDS in countries and in particular the role, functions, and expected outputs of the UN Theme Groups, with a view to facilitating joint planning and integrated programme implementation among the UN Theme Group members.
  • Provisional agenda item 6: progress report on UNAIDS performance monitoring and evaluation plan   
    The UNAIDS secretariat has worked to create approaches and tools for monitoring and evaluating the Programme’s performance, UN system action on HIV/AIDS, national responses to the epidemic and the global HIV/AIDS goals. While awaiting the presentation of the final report to the PCB in 1998, work should continue on the following priorities: compilation and analysis of surveillance data on HIV/AIDS; an Expanded Response Effort Assessment to monitor and evaluate national responses; monitoring UN system responses to HIV/AIDS at country level through Theme Group assessment, a Study of the financing of national HIV/AIDS programmes and User Satisfaction Surveys; and, a management information system to monitor the execution of the UNAIDS Programme Budget and Workplan 1998-1999.
  • Provisional agenda item 9: progress report on the UNAIDS coordinated appeal for supplemental funded activities
    Greater supplemental funding is urgently required by the Cosponsors to augment those core resources which they have been able to allocate, so that they can more effectively respond to the increasing requests for technical assistance from within their country operations. Out of the total US$ 18 million requested for the 1996-1997 Coordinated Appeal, only US$ 4.8 million have been received or pledged. Of that total, US$ 1.8 million is being provided by three donor agencies, while US$ 3 million of the total is being financed from the UNAIDS core budget. This report also describes the process for preparing the 1998-1999 Coordinated Appeal, which is anticipated to be “launched” at the end of June 1997. In advance of the finalization of the full proposals, a preview of proposed activities for inclusion within the 1998-1999 Coordinated Appeal has been prepared by each Cosponsor.