6th PCB Meeting, May 1998

  • Provisional agenda (en | fr)
    The agenda covers the following reports from/on: Committee of Cosponsoring Organizations; NGO Representative; fourth and fifth meetings; UNAIDS biennial progress (1996-1997); UNAIDS and UN response at country level; Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Plan, 1996-1997 finances; 1998-1999 financial and budgetary update; the 1998-1999 biennium (interim); and UNAIDS Operating Reserve Fund.
  • Provisional agenda item 1.2: proposal for the election procedure of PCB chairpersons and vice-chairpersons (en | fr)
    Under the current proposal, at each regular annual session, the PCB will elect from among the representatives of its members a chairperson and a vice-chairperson who will hold office for a period of one year until their successors are elected. The chairperson and the vice-chairperson will rotate each year, the vice-chairperson taking over the position of chairperson.
  • Provisional agenda item 5: comprehensive monitoring and evaluation progress and plan 1998-1999 (en | fr)
    UNAIDS and WHO are collecting and collating country/regional HIV prevalence data; a process stimulated by the coordinated UN response which has led to falling disease transmission and mitigation of HIV/AIDS adverse consequences. Impact and outcome measurement activities include improved existing tools (epidemiological information system), and developing new tools including indicators, indexes and checklists.
  • Provisional agenda item 4.3: technical resource networks and intercountry teams (en | fr)
    Within those regions of the world where the current or potential impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic is greatest, the UN system can potentially play a more significant role in responding to its need by promoting the sharing of knowledge, experience and expertise among countries. UNAIDS’ strategy to help respond to this need is to support Technical Resource Networks. These should not only be primary mechanisms for technical cooperation in a given region, but should also contribute to strengthening institutional capacity in cooperating countries.
  • Report of the sixth meeting of the Programme Coordinating Board of UNAIDS, Geneva, 25-27 May 1998 (en | fr)
    The sixth PCB meeting noted that despite recent progress, HIV/AIDS continued to threaten socioeconomic development and success in the fight against it will only come through the broad-based collaboration of UNAIDS, the UN family, national governments, NGOs and people with HIV/AIDS. Other items discussed: UNAIDS biennial progress report, country level responses, Monitoring and Evaluation Plan, 1996-1997 finances, and 1998-1999 financial and budgetary update.