16th PCB Meeting, December 2004

  • Draft provisional agenda (en | fr)
    Agenda of the meeting.
  • Provisional agenda item 5.1: update on the Unified Budget and Workplan 2006-2007 (en | fr)
    The PCB has consistently urged UNAIDS to sharpen the strategic orientation of the UBW. During the next biennium the focus of the UBW on strengthening comprehensive scaled-up responses at country level will be further developed and refined.
  • Provisional agenda item 5.3: update on the World AIDS Campaign (en | fr)
    The World AIDS Campaign is changing. After years dedicated to raising awareness on issues related to HIV and AIDS, such as this year’s focus on women and girls and the need to fight stigma and discrimination, the Campaign is becoming a global, civil society movement aimed at mobilizing support for the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS (UNGASS) Declaration of Commitment. It will work alongside the Millennium Development Campaign and other initiatives aimed at reducing poverty to promote sustainable responses to AIDS all over the world.
  • Provisional agenda item 5.2: Progress on the “Three Ones” (en | fr)
    The Programme Coordinating Board is requested to take note of the attached overview highlighting global progress on the “Three Ones”.
  • Decisions, recommendations and conclusions (en | fr)
    Recommendations of the board.
  • Speech to the 16th Meeting of the UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board by Peter Piot, UNAIDS Executive Director (en | fr
    As we enter 2005, it is clear that one truism about AIDS remains as valid as ever: this is a rapidly evolving epidemic that demands an equally rapidly evolving response. This new phase in the global response will be marked by the hard work in front of us, to build more effective and genuinely harmonized action that is built on country leadership and needs. The facilitation and brokering role of UNAIDS is crucial to achieving this – and the Programme Coordinating Board is crucial to UNAIDS.
  • Provisional agenda item 3: Intensifying HIV prevention—foundations for a strategy framework (en | fr)
    This paper proposes a three stage process of consultation to finalize the development of the global HIV prevention strategy; discussion and agreement at this Programme Coordinating Board meeting of the key principles that should underpin the development of this strategy framework and broad actions proposed; incorporation of Board inputs and further consultation with key partners, including UNAIDS Cosponsors; and consideration of a finalized draft strategy by the Programme Coordinating Board at its next meeting in June 2005.
  • Provisional agenda item 2 : women, gender and AIDS (en | fr)
    The document includes (1) an overview summary on why a stronger focus on women and girls is needed; (2) the latest development plan for the Global Coalition on Women and AIDS; and (3) backgrounders detailing seven key vulnerabilities of women with regard to HIV and AIDS.