23rd PCB Meeting, December 2008

Thematic segment:

  • Agenda (revised) (en)
  • Rapporteur Panel 1: Lessons from Technical Support and the implications of National Strategy Applications (en)
  • Rapporteur Panel 2: Leadership of National AIDS Authorities (en
  • Rapporteur Panel 3: What is the added value of global Technical Support functions? (en)
  • Rapporteur Panel 4: Public-Private Partnerships (en

Documentation for the meeting:

  • Final Decisions, Recommendations and Conclusions (en | fr)
  • Revised Modus Operandi (December 2008) (en
  • Agenda Rev.2 (en | fr)
  • Report of the Twenty-second PCB Meeting (en | fr)
  • Speech by UNAIDS Executive Director Dr Peter Piot, 16 December 2008 (en)
  • The Unified Budget and Workplan: 2006-2007 Performance Monitoring Report/Rev.1 (en | fr)
    Corrigendum (en)
    • Introductory Presentation (en)
  • The Unified Budget and Workplan: 2007-2011 Strategic Framework (en | fr)
  • Report of the ITT on HIV-related Travel Restrictions (en | fr)
    • Addendum to the Report of the ITT  (en | fr)
    • Introductory Presentation (en)
  • Report on the process for nomination of the Executive Director (en | fr)
  • Increased involvement of civil society in the Programme Coordinating Board (en | fr)
    • Introductory Presentation (en)
  • Review of the process for PCB inter-sessional decision making (en | fr
  • Implementation of previous PCB decisions (en | fr
  • Election of Officers (en | fr)
  • Gender-sensitivity of AIDS responses (en | fr)
  • Second Independent Evaluation of UNAIDS (en | fr)
    • Introductory Presentation (en
  • List of participants (en+fr)
  • Note verbale (en | fr)
  • Information for participants (en | fr)
  • Registration form (en+fr)

Conference Room Papers:

  • The Unified Budget and Workplan: Monitoring Implementation and Planning for the Future (en)
  • The impact of HIV-related restrictions on entry, stay and residence: an annotated bibliography (en)
  • Mapping of restrictions on the entry, stay and residence of people living with HIV (en)
  • The impact of HIV-related restrictions on entry, stay and residence: personal narratives (en)
  • Role of the Civil Society Communications and Consultation Facility in supporting the PCB NGOs (en)
  • Addressing Women, Girls, Gender Inequality and HIV: A mapping of global, regional and multi-country activities (en)