Checklist and reference list for developing and reviewing a national strategic plan for HIV

21 December 2020

The checklist and reference list is meant to complement and build on the most recent normative guidelines produced by UNAIDS Cosponsors and the Secretariat and not to replace them. The checklist has built-in hyperlinks for such guidelines for easy reference. The checklist and reference list has two parts: high-level cross-cutting content (Part A) and specific programme content (Part B). Part A applies to all countries and contains situation and response analysis, the NSP development process, the goal, targets and priority-setting of the NSP and the principles of human rights and gender equity and sustainability. Part B comprises the programme requirements of prevention, treatment and care, comorbidities and integration, social protection, health systems, community engagement, human rights and gender equity, efficiency and effectiveness, governance, management and accountability, HIV and the humanitarian response. Countries need to select the relevant elements of Part B depending on the country-specific context and consensus among the key stakeholders on what is needed. This checklist, including the yes or no choice and justification, is not meant to be submitted to UNAIDS but is intended to assist the NSP development and review team to systematically think through the options and make an evidence-informed decision for the country to produce a meaningful and useful NSP or review report.