The path that ends AIDS: UNAIDS Global AIDS Update 2023

13 July 2023

This report makes clear that there is a path to end AIDS. Taking that path will help ensure preparedness to address other pandemic challenges, and advance progress across the Sustainable Development Goals. The data and real-world examples in the report make it very clear what that path is. It is not a mystery. It is a choice. Some leaders are already following the path—and succeeding. It is inspiring to note that Botswana, Eswatini, Rwanda, the United Republic of Tanzania and Zimbabwe have already achieved the 95–95–95 targets, and at least 16 other countries (including eight in sub-Saharan Africa) are close to doing so. Also available: Additional resources (regional and thematic factsheets) | Annex 1: Progress towards the 2025 targets | Annex 2: Methods | Slide set | Press release Microsite