BRICS health ministers commit to put the BRICS countries on the Fast-Track to end the AIDS epidemic

30 October 2015

At the first BRICS (Brazil, Russian Federation, India, China and South Africa) meeting since the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, the BRICS ministers of health have adopted the Moscow Declaration, which makes bold new commitments on cooperation for global health. Commitments include strengthening linkages between the Sustainable Development Goals and public health, collaboration on the goal for tuberculosis elimination and strengthened access to affordable, quality, efficacious and safe medicines.

During the 5th meeting of the BRICS ministers of heath, held in Moscow, Russian Federation, on 30 October, the ministers also reinforced their commitment to reach the UNAIDS 90–90–90 treatment target and to put BRICS countries on the Fast-Track to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030.

Chaired by the Russian Minister of Health, Veronika Skvortsova, the meeting included delegations from all five BRICS countries. Ms Skvortsova confirmed that the Russian Ministry of Health will be doubling government funding for its domestic response to HIV in 2016 in order to provide urgent support to increase access to voluntary HIV counselling and testing. It will also increase access to antiretroviral therapy so that at least 60% of people in need have access.

The participants also discussed strategic directions, such as the risks of TRIPS-plus agreements, and opportunities for the new BRICS development bank to finance innovative health programmes. 


“The Russian Federation is committed to further enhance collaboration within the BRICS in key areas, such as HIV, tuberculosis and noncommunicable diseases.”

Veronika Skvortsova, Minister of Health of the Russian Federation

“The new Sustainable Development Goals aim to usher in a new, fair and more just world. The BRICS must be the ones to lead the way towards the more fair and just world we are looking forward to.”

Aaron Motsoeledi, Minister of Health of South Africa

“Today we have the tools to Fast-Track the end of the AIDS epidemic. With the leading role of the BRICS, we can make these tools available to the people most affected in communities at higher risk of HIV infection.”

Luiz Loures, Deputy Executive Director, UNAIDS