Jenna Ortega brings attention to HIV at WE Day

10 May 2017

Actress Jenna Ortega has spoken about her work with UNAIDS and encouraged young people to get involved in ending the AIDS epidemic. Speaking at WE Day—a celebration of thousands of young people around the world dedicated to bringing about positive change—in Seattle, United States of America, she highlighted not only the impact that AIDS has on young people around the world, but also that young people are an important part of the solution.

The WE Day event, held on 21 April, saw speakers and performers, and tens of thousands of young people, celebrate a year of action—in schools, in communities and at the national and global levels—that has transformed communities and changed lives.

Her commitment to the AIDS response has led Ms Ortega to use her television and social media platforms to reach out to young people, particularly around the need to stop HIV-related stigma. She is also encouraging young people globally to contribute to ending AIDS through the #GenEndIt movement.

Ms Ortega is featured in this month’s cover story of A&U magazine, which focuses on AIDS-related issues, where she talks about her passion for the AIDS response and her growing work with UNAIDS.


“I want to help eliminate the stigma of AIDS and get people talking about it. Make it normal. Bring it up. It's a disease that affects all of us.”

Jenna Ortega actress

“WE Day is a platform for artists to shed light on the causes that matter most to them. Jenna is an amazing young change-maker and her commitment to the AIDS response and other worthy causes is an inspiration to all. It's a powerful message when young people share their passion for good with other young people making extraordinary things happen.”

Craig Kielburger co-founder of WE