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Launch of UNAIDS Global AIDS Update 2023

UNAIDS announces that despite the many challenges there is a path that ends AIDS. In its new report The Path That Ends AIDS, UNAIDS demonstrates that there are a growing number of countries that are proving that AIDS can be ended if there is political will.

Political will means delivering on: reliable and adequate funding; following the data and evidence; reducing the inequalities and discrimination that deny people services, using scientific tools that protect well-being, and the essential element of recognizing and engaging community-led interventions. 

The Path That Ends AIDS highlights some enormous disparities. Where political commitments have taken an inclusive, human rights-based approach to support people living with and affected by HIV, there is remarkable progress in reducing new HIV infections and AIDS related deaths. Yet when leaders ignore, isolate and criminalize people living with or at risk of HIV, progress in the AIDS response is obstructed. more and more people are becoming infected with HIV.

At this press conference you will hear from a civil society leader living with HIV about the epidemic in Asia. You will hear from the former minister of health of Botswana. You will hear from the former President of the Swiss Confederation about the importance of political leadership and of progressive measures in support of marginalized people at risk of HIV. And you will hear from the Executive Director of UNAIDS who is leading the quest to end AIDS by 2030. 

WHAT: Press conference to launch the 2023 UNAIDS Global AIDS Update, The Path That Ends AIDS

WHEN: Thursday, 13th July, 14:00–15:00 CET / 12:00-13:00 GMT


  • Ms Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director of UNAIDS
  • Mr Harry Prabowo, Asia Pacific Network of People Living with HIV
  • Ms Ruth Dreifuss, Former President of the Swiss confederation
  • Ms Sheila Tlou, Co-Chair of the Global HIV Prevention Coalition, and former Minister of Health of Botswana

WHERE: Palais des Nations, Geneva, Room B-128  



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