Parliamentarians call for firm action towards ending the AIDS epidemic

18 October 2017

Members of parliament from countries worldwide called for firm action towards ending the global AIDS epidemic on 15 October in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. The members of parliament have gathered in Saint Petersburg for the 137th Assembly of the International Parliamentary Union, which is being held from 14 to 19 October.

The discussion, during a session entitled Ending AIDS through Sexual and Reproductive Health: the Need for Urgent Parliamentary Action, was focused on the rights of key populations, access to treatment, gender equality, addressing cultural barriers and the need for greater investment in the response to HIV.

Members of parliament debated the issues of legal support to HIV prevention and harm reduction initiatives. They put their voices behind creating an enabling legal environment for responding to the epidemic, but stressed the need to tailor the response by focusing on specific issues that vary from country to country and region to region. 


“We need to stop talking and start acting.”

Nkandu Luo Minister of Education, Zambia

“Members of parliament are the interface between the people and government and we need local choices to reach the 90–90–90 targets on HV and the Sustainable Development Goals targets on health. It is the lack of political will that is holding us back.”

Ricardo Leite Portuguese Member of Parliament

“The recent lessons from our experience only strengthen our view that punitive measures can only be counterproductive. There must be an open, dialogue-based approach in working with communities and a focus on human rights.”

Karen Avagyan Member of Parliament, Armenia

"Saint Petersburg City AIDS Center is providing a full range of quality services. Its staff are highly professional and show a strong commitment to giving not only the required medical assistance but also guidance, advice and support to their patients, the community of people living with HIV and key populations".

Pia Locatelli Member of the European Parliament for the North-West with the Italian Socialist Democrats