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UNAIDS welcomes compelling results of progress in AIDS response from surveys supported by the United States of America in three African countries

Investments by the United States of America in the global AIDS response are delivering results

GENEVA, 1 December 2016—Upon the release of compelling new evidence of national AIDS programme successes in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe, UNAIDS congratulates the countries as well as the United States of America for its consistently outstanding support to the global AIDS response.

New survey data released by the United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) show that Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe have all made important progress against the epidemic. The initial results from the three Population-Based HIV Impact Assessment (PHIA) surveys are largely consistent with national data and UNAIDS estimates.

PEPFAR announced that the PHIA surveys, led by Columbia University’s ICAP programme, provide additional evidence that the epidemic is becoming controlled among older adults and babies in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The surveys also found that the three African countries have achieved viral load suppression among an average of 65% of all adults living with HIV. Estimates of antiretroviral treatment coverage derived from PHIA survey data are also largely consistent with UNAIDS-reported estimates of treatment coverage derived from health facility data and submitted to UNAIDS by national HIV programmes.

“These encouraging results are the fruits of a shared effort—the countries hardest hit by AIDS, working in close collaboration with the international community,” said the UNAIDS Executive Director, Michel Sidibé. “The consistent bipartisan leadership of the United States of America is a major contributor to progress in the global AIDS response. The United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief is a critical ally in the drive to achieve the end of AIDS by 2030.”

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