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UNAIDS is launching a new book that focuses on how lessons learned from reaching the AIDS targets of Millennium Development Goal 6 can now inform and transform the work towards the sustainable development goals. In a companion piece, UNAIDS will also launch the White Table Gallery—a new digital platform which will host exhibitions relating to the AIDS response in an attempt to reach out and engage new audiences.

We would welcome your social media support for How AIDS changed everything. MDG 6: 15 years, 15 lessons of hope from the AIDS response as well as for the White Table Gallery.


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What are the most important lessons from the past 15yrs of the #AIDS response? Find out 14 July #MDG6 @UNAIDS

What do u know about #MDG6? 15 years of the #AIDS response, 1 book, many success stories. 14/07/15 @UNAIDS

Get ready for @UNAIDS new book on the 15 years since #MDG6 was set, launching 14 July

A new book reveals brand new data as well as past, present & future of #AIDS response. Unwrap one on 14 July #MDG6


AIDS changed the world. 15 years after the Millennium Development Goal 6, the latest book from UNAIDS will explore the achievements of past 15 years, alongside the steps which must be taken to end the epidemic by 2030. Launching 14 July

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A new book on #MDG6 shows growing momentum for ending the #AIDS epidemic by 2030 @UNAIDS

15 yrs ago, #AIDS was shattering families, communities&entire nations. #MDG6 played a key role in the #AIDS response

As you read this line, 3 new ppl are accessing life-saving #HIV treatment for the 1st time. #15million #MDG6 @UNAIDS

Reaching #15million ppl w/ART is 1 of greatest achievements in the history of global health, financing &development.

#15million on HIV treatment = #15million success stories #MDG6 @UNAIDS

15yrs of progress & hope. But miles to go to end the #AIDS epidemic by 2030. #15million #MDG6 [insert picture]

Reading the MillenniumDeclaration today gives appreciation 4 far-sightedness of leaders @ that time. Do u know #MDG6

A legacy to build on: Reaching the #AIDS target of #MDG6 is building momentum for ending #AIDS @UNAIDS #15million

As the era of the #MDGs draws to a close, the achievements under #MDG6 are among the @UN's success stories. @UNAIDS

Ending #AIDS by 2030 is ambitious but realistic, as the history of the past 15 yrs has shown. #15million @UNAIDS 

‘How #AIDS changed everything’ - fifteen years after #MDG6, the latest report from @UNAIDS #15million

Everyone, everywhere should have access to #HIV treatment. Let’s create more success stories #15million #MDG6 @UNAIDS

There is an estimated 36.9M people in the world living with #HIV and #15million on treatment

There is an estimated 2M adults&children newly infected w/#HIV This is 35% lower than in 2000.

Do u know the global #s of the #AIDS epidemic? Find out more from "How AIDS changed the world"

What r the regional #HIV & #AIDS statistics for where u live? Find out in our new book: #MDG6

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White Table Gallery

Get ready to explore the #AIDS exhibition on the White Table Gallery from 14 July #MDG6 #WTG

Explore the items on the White Table Gallery & learn more about the past 15 yrs of the #AIDS response #WTG #MDG6

The #AIDS response has taught us many lessons in the past 15yrs. Check out the White Table Gallery exhibition #MDG6  

What have we learned from the #AIDS Reponse over the past 15yrs? White Table Gallery #MDG6 [image]

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