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HIV Prevention Choice Manifesto for Women and Girls in Africa launched

12 September 2023

UNAIDS Executive Director, Winnie Byanyima, joined women’s coalitions, government officials, development partners and community groups from across East and Southern Africa to launch the HIV Prevention Choice Manifesto. Led by the African Women Prevention Community Accountability Board and supported by the International Community of Women Living with HIV (ICW) East Africa and Advocacy for Prevention of HIV and AIDS (APHA), the Choice Manifesto advocates for choice in the HIV prevention options available for women and a commitment to expanding access to long-acting HIV health technologies. Further, these options should be people centred, women-centred and women-led.

In her keynote remarks Ms Byanyima focused on three key areas to making women-centred, people-centred prevention approaches work:

  • tackling inequalities for girls and women;
  • addressing unequal access to health technologies;
  • and putting communities & women in the lead.

Ms Byanyima signed the Choice Manifesto on behalf of UNAIDS and committed to supporting and amplifying the voices of African women and confirmed that UNAIDS will continue to convene partners and government to find solutions.


I congratulate you for the HIV Prevention Choice Manifesto. It’s about pushing everyone towards people-centred, women-centred and women-led approaches to HIV prevention. You have fought with your lives to get here. You are fearless feminists. Women must lead for themselves.

Winnie Byanyima UNAIDS Executive Director

We must trust women, let women lead, let African women lead! The AWPCAB board is 12 women from 6 countries from Eastern and Southern Africa. Our focus is on the choice agenda, access and roll out to make sure choice is a reality for all women!

Yvette Raphael AWPCAB and APHA

The Choice Manifesto is an important moment in the HIV response and should take its rightful place next to the Denver Declaration and GIPA principles as a watershed moment. Developed and driven by African women for African women and relevant for all women.

Shaun Mellors Viiv

The HIV Prevention Choice Manifesto for Women and Girls in Africa